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Leelanau County Register of Deeds

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Dorothy M. Miller
Register of Deeds
8527 E. Government Center Drive
Suite 105
Suttons Bay, MI  49682
Phone: 231-256-9682
Fax: 231-256-8149





We hope you find this site useful, but please remember we also give service the old-fashioned way.  So just call or come in and talk with anyone of our staff members with many years of experience.  We are ready to serve you!



Dorothy M. Miller, Register

Jennifer L. Grant, Chief Deputy

Sylvia Gerathy, Deputy

Rachel Richardson, Deputy


Leelanau County residents who have bought property recently are being asked to be on the lookout for solicitations from Document Retrieval Service or Record Transfer Service companies offering to help Leelanau County residents acquire a certified copy of their deed for $83.00.  Copies of all land records can be purchased from the Register of Deeds office for a much smaller fee, often as little as $2.00.


The REGISTER OF DEEDS office is the official office for all legal instruments pertaining to the transfer and encumbrances of properties in the county.  Examples of real property are such documents as warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, land contracts, and sheriff deeds; also mortgages and any assignments or discharges thereof.  Probate orders, death certificates, agreements, leases, liens and numerous other instruments which affect real estate including certified surveys, plats and government corners are also documents kept by the office.  Leelanau County records date back to 1863.  Certified copies can be made from the records upon request.  


The REGISTER OF DEEDS office assists the public, lending institutions, title companies, realtors and attorneys who are among the many people who check the records and filings of instruments in the office.  Documents are recorded daily after being checked that all recording requirements are met according to statute.  They are then time stamped, assigned liber and page numbers, indexed in the computer and images scanned.  Our computer index dates back to January 1972, offering a 40 year search.  For security purposes, duplicate microfilmed copies of all documents recorded are sent to an underground storage facility in Grand Rapids.  Our records are available online and images can be viewed or copied for a fee.

There are two public work stations in the office for searching the documents on the computer and the vault is available for record searching before January, 1972. 


The REGISTER OF DEEDS office is also the office that handles Passport acceptance and submission.


The REGISTER OF DEEDS is also the Chairman of the Leelanau County Plat Board.


The REGISTER OF DEEDS office is open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


The REGISTER OF DEEDS office has a policy that does not allow any personal electronic equipment in the office. The office has 2 public terminals available for searching and document printing purposes only.

Copies are available at $1.00 per page in the office and $1.25 per page through this website.  MCL 600.2567(1)(b)



This office does not prepare documents, does not supply forms and we do not answer legal questions.  Please contact an attorney if you need legal assistance.



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