Apply For... An Absentee Ballot

If you’re a registered Leland Township voter, request an absentee voter application from the clerk, 231-256-7546, ext. 201. After the completed application is received, the clerk will mail you a ballot, which may be returned by mail or in person and must be received before the polls close on Election Day.

To Receive Absentee Ballot Applications on a Permanent Basis: You may ask the Leland Township clerk to be placed on a list to receive absent voter applications on a permanent basis if you are:

  • at least 60 years old or
  • unable to vote without assistance or
  • unable to attend the polls because of your religious beliefs.

Once your name is added to the list, the clerk's office will automatically send you an application for absentee ballot before each election.

In order to receive an absentee ballot, you must complete and return the application.

This page last updated on 3/7/2014.