Township Sewer Rates Increased

by Susan Buxton
Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Starting with the April 2017 sewer bill, residential sewer users will see a rate increase of $53 per quarter for each sewer hookup. Commercial users will also see a proportional rise in rates.

This increase is necessary to offset the cost of two major repair projects. The first project, which was required by the DEQ to correct an unacceptable level of phosphorus that was being released into the drainfield at the plant, was accomplished at a cost of $460,000 without any change in rates. Doing so left a minimum amount in the township's sewer improvement fund. Now the iron pipe under the Leland River is 60 percent obstructed due to corrosion inside the pipe. Replacing that pipe with modern plastic is expected to cost $288,000. Without the rate increase, the sewer improvement fund would become dangerously low.


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