Learn About... Senior Safety

Leelanau County Senior Services strives to provide programs that promote safety in senior's homes.

Emergency Pendant:

   LCSS offers an emergency pendant called the "Freedom Alert". A person wears a small pendant with an emergency call button on it.  When there is an emergency, the button is pressed; 9-1-1 is dialed automatically.  There is no monitoring fee, service charges or contract.  There is a one time cost to purchase the system.  Please contact the LCSS office regarding cost, financial assistance may be available.


   CareTrak: (formerly called Project Lifesaver) is a radio contrl system for tracking people who may become disorientated or lost.  The person wears a device similar to a wristwatch that emits a signal.  If that person wanders and emergency personnel are called, special antennas are used for tracking.  

Emergency 9-1-1 Cell Phones:

   Newer cell phones have the capability of calling 9-1-1 without a monthly contract.  Donated cell phones are refurbished and given out to any senior who needs one.  They can be charged and used at home, on the road, or anywhere that you can receive a signal.  There is no charge for 9-1-1 cell phone.

File of Life:

   File of Life is a mini medical history which can be posted on the outside of one's refrigerator where fire and rescue personnel are trained to look for it.  It can also be carried in the wallet or purse.  Free of charge at Leelanau County Senior Services.

Medical Equipment Loan Closet:

   The safety medical equipment loan closet has a supply of walkers, canes, shower benches, toilet risers, commodes, wheelchairs, etc., that have been donated to loan out to seniors who have a need.  There is no charge for the equipment.  Please call our office to see if a certain piece of equipment is available.

This page last updated on 7/11/2019.