Senior Services Programs

Leelanau County Senior Services (LCSS) provides a variety of programs and services to meet the growing needs of seniors.  We recognize that all needs are different and strive to take a holistic approach to provide a range of services and programs that address the unique physical, social, and emotional needs of our seniors.  

The following are limited financial assistance available to seniors who meet LCSS's income and asset guidelines.*

Personal Care: 

   In-home assistance with grooming such as bathing, dressing, and toileting.

Respite Care:

   Short-term care or companionship for a senior so that a family member who is a senior's caregiver can be better supported.

Medication Management:

   LCSS offers a Medication Management program for Leelanau County seniors.  This in home service provides a nurse to assist you with management of prescription, and over-the-counter medication, as well as nutritional supplements.


   Assistance with routine household tasks to maintain a clean and healthy living environment for older individuals with functional limitations.  

Dental Assistance:

   Is available for qualifying seniors.

Eye Glass Assistance:

   Eligible seniors can receive assistance towards the purchase of one pair of regular frames/prescription lenses every two years.

Hearing Aid Assistance:

   Seniors may receive assistance towards the purchase of one hearing aid per ear in a lifetime.

Heating/Utility Assistance:

   Seniors may receive assistance in paying utility bills.

Legal Assistance:

  Seniors may receive assistance with simple wills, power of attorney, medical directives, and other legal documents.

Unmet Needs Assistance:

  Seniors may receive assistance with unpaid medical, safety related repairs/house/car.

*Income and asset tested through application and home evaluation process.

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This page last updated on 9/17/2019.