ZBA Public Hearing

June 13, 2019
4:00 PM
Village Office

Public Notice

Village of Northport

Zoning Board of Appeals


Public Hearing June 13, 2019 – 4:00pm

Northport Village Office

116 W. Nagonaba Street

Northport, Michigan 49670


Ken and Kathy Radeke request a variance from the 2006 Village Zoning Ordinance ARTICLE 5 OFF STREET PARKING AND LOADING, Section 5.04 SCHEDULE OF PARKING REQUIREMENTS, Use C. Businesses, 15. “Restaurants and other establishments in which is conducted the sale and consumption on the premises of food, beverages or refreshments”.  One (1) parking space is required for each 100 square feet of useable floor area and One (1) parking space is required for each three (3) employees.  The Village Zoning Ordinance requires 20 parking spaces to be shown on the site plan.  The conceptual site plan as presented shows four (4) parking spaces.  The variance requested by the Owners is for 16 parking spaces.

The property is located at 115 S. Waukazoo Street, Northport, Michigan, Parcel Number 45-042-500-005-00.  (Formerly known as Soggy Dollar and/or Stubbs).

Application for Zoning Variance and drawings may be viewed at the Northport Village Office.

To submit comments before the hearing write:  Northport ZBA, PO Box 336, Northport, 49670; or email:  clerk@villageofnorthport.net


William C Fuller, Zoning Administrator, Village of Northport, Michigan

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