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 Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Electronics collections for 2018 have been scheduled! Click on link below.

Call the Planning Department at 231-256-9812 to make an Appointment.  Appointments are REQUIRED!  We have LIMITED Appointment Slots for each collection.  Once full, we will no longer take appointments for a collection.  

Click Here for full size list of 

Acceptable/Unacceptable items, dates and locations of collections 

HHW Collections Location Map

NOTE:  No more than ten (10) - one gallon cans of Latex Paint PER VEHICLE!

All Household Hazardous items must be brought to the collections in BOXES - OPEN TOP so we can view the items.  DO NOT PACKAGE ITEMS IN PLASTIC BAGS!!!

NOTE:  We CAN NOT accept furniture, refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners, or dehumidifiers.  Contact your local garbage hauler, or a metal/iron company for pickup.  Your electric company may also offer a credit or payment for pickup of freezers or refrigerators.

For information on proper disposal of Latex Paint and Medications, CLICK HERE.


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Facts about Recycling in Leelanau County


Glass, Tin, Plastic & Fiber Recycled:       

Year 2010:  1,230 tons       Year 2011:  2,046 tons

 Year 2012:  2,013 tons      Year 2013:  2,560 tons

  Year 2014:  1,845 tons      Year 2015:  1883.6 tons

Year 2016:  2131.3 tons     Year 2017:  2,246.4 tons

Household Hazardous Waste Collected:   

Year 2015:  58.73 tons Hazardous Materials & 36.48 tons Electronics

Year 2016:  74.43 tons Hazardous Materials & 43.14 tons Electronics

Number of Participants

Year 2010:  607    Year 2011:  434

Year 2012:  790    Year 2013: 798

Year 2014:  1311   Year 2015: 1407

Year 2016:  1624

Total Pounds Hazardous Waste & Electronic Materials Collected

Year 2009:  114,066        Year 2010:  78,579

Year 2011:  52,834         Year 2012:  114,962

Year 2013:  105,656      Year 2014:  168,864

Year 2015:  190,432      Year 2016:  235,152


This page last updated on 3/18/2019.
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