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Leelanau County Scrap Tire Recycling Clean up day - Friday, October 4 in Elmwood Township for Leelanau County residents (3 pm - 7 pm).  10 tire limit.  $1.00 charge per tire.  Appointments & payment required - call 256-9812.     

 HHW/Electronics Collection in Elmwood Township Saturday, October 5 in Elmwood Township (8:00 am -2:00 pm).

Appointments required for ALL events.  Call 231-256-9812.  We have LIMITED Appointment Slots for each collection.  Once full, we will no longer take appointments for a collection.  

Click Here for full size list of Acceptable/Unacceptable items, dates and locations of collections, and information on how to properly dispose of Latex Paint and Medication.

NOTE:  No more than ten (10) - one gallon cans of Latex Paint PER VEHICLE!  All Household Hazardous items must be brought to the collections in BOXES - OPEN TOP so we can view the items.  DO NOT PACKAGE ITEMS IN PLASTIC BAGS!!!

NOTE:  We CAN NOT accept furniture, refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners, or dehumidifiers.  Contact your local garbage hauler, or a metal/iron company for pickup.  Your electric company may also offer a credit or payment for pickup of freezers or refrigerators.

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