LCSO Programs

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Implemented in 1997, The Victim's Response Team is a group of volunteers who respond to a scene and provide immediate comfort and assistance to any person who is a victim or has experienced trauma while in our county.
This team of volunteers is made up of dedicated citizens who help victim's and survivors work through a crisis. They can offer shortterm crisis intervention or make referrals to the appropriate agencies / service providers. Typically, they are called upon to provide comfort, until family members or other officials arrive. The team is utilized for auto collisions, death notification, suicides, domestic assaults, lost persons, house fires and any situation where they can offer help. All members are screened and are highly trained. 

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This program was adopted at the Leelanau County Jail. Pastor David McIntyre currently spreads the gospel and provides the foundation for the moral, spiritual and personal guidance for jail inmates. They discuss family, scripture, personal problems, loneliness, values, ethical behavior or whatever else the prisoner wishes to discuss. The inmates volunteer in order to participate in this nondenominational program. This is a national program that focuses on the jail and prison populations due to their specific needs and concerns. This program compliments our Sunday worship service that is provided by our local, dedicated clergy who also volunteer in our jail. (Pictured Right, program founders, Pastor Bob Hall and his wife, Jamie)


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